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Unite to Restore America catalytic conference DVD set with keys to embolden believers to impact society with prayer and moral action. Conference hosted by Healing Tree International at Hershey Giant Center August 16, 2014 in affiliation with General’s International Reformation Prayer Network, American Pastors Network, Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Blessings of Hope, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, Pennsylvania Prayer Network, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David and the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in America.

Sold as a 4 DVD set with the book; Restoring America, 12 Devine Keys by Abby AbildnessBook Scan included, to train leaders in model to reform nations back to God.

The set includes the corresponding book .

Speakers included: Abby Abildness, Jacob and Steve Lapp, Dr. Negiel Bigpond, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Sam Rohrer, Lea Carawan, PA State Rep. Rick Saccone, Lesley Ann Leighton, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Jon Hamill, John James, Rob Peck and Samuel School students, Cynthia Khan, Bishop Angel Nunez, Bishop Harry Jackson.

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