The Cry for Spiritual Mothers & Fathers – Case of 52

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The Next Generation Needs You to Be a Spiritual Mentor. You are meant to be a mentor. You probably have more “friends” than ever—once you tally up all your social networking connections.SMF video_button But virtual relationships alone can’t meet the Church’s desperate need for spiritually mature women and men to mentor younger believers to be faithful servants of Christ.

If you are like many believers, you may not feel prepared to be a trusted influencer because you haven’t had a spiritual mother or father yourself. The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers, written by seasoned disciple and Christian leadership trainer Larry Kreider, will give you the proven biblical keys you need to become a godly mentor. Discover why spiritual mother- and fatherhood is every believer’s calling, and find out how to nurture a spiritual family that expands the kingdom of God.

This is the essential handbook for answering God’s call to become the spiritual father or mother He has called you to be.

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What others are saying

Because Larry’s understanding of the role of spiritual parents in the family of God is so profound, I enthusiastically recommend this book to you. Dr. David Cannistraci, Senior Pastor, GateWay City Church, San Jose, California Author, God’s Vision for Your Church

Larry Kreider is a true servant to the Church . . . I trust this man because his heart is pure and his mind is clear. Jack W. Hayford, Founder and Chancellor, The King’s University, Los Angeles and Dallas

I have compiled all that I have learned about spiritual fathering, mothering and mentoring during the past 40 years in this newly released book. – Larry Kreider

When many American movements have declined or disappeared, Larry shows the way to growth and stability through spiritual parenting. Dr. Daniel C. Juster, Director, Tikkun International

I devoured Larry’s book in one reading. Now I want to go back and digest it so I can pass on to others what I have learned. Floyd McClung, Founder, All Nations, Cape Town, South Africa, best-selling author

Larry Kreider has pioneered the way for others with this new book. He combines experience, knowledge and passion to guide us into Kingdom community. Ralph Neighbour, Touch Ministries, Texas

Larry has put cutting-edge concepts into laymen’s language. This is by far the best book on spiritual parenting that I have read on this subject. Jim Orred, Youth With A Mission, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

This book provides how-to blueprints and challenges all of us need to move beyond our dysfunctional and abusive relationships of the past to become models of relationship building for a new generation. Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries President, Global Spheres, Inc. , best-selling author

Larry Kreider not only teaches on spiritual fathering, he is a spiritual father—and through his words, the Lord calls us to maturity. Dr. Robert Stearns, Founder and Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings

The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers is an awesome word for cutting-edge leadership in today’s Church. I, for one, want to be the kind of fatherly leader that Larry Kreider urges us to be. C. Peter Wagner, Vice President, Global Spheres, Inc., best-selling author

What a great book! It’s down to earth, practical, understandable and applicable to mentoring emerging leaders today—it’s authentic. This book is a must for those who are mentoring or discipling others. Barbara J. Yoder, Senior Pastor, Shekinah International Apostolic Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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