Speak Lord, I’m Listening

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Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice,” but many Christians do not know how to hear from God. In this practical, story-rich guidebook, international teacher Larry Kreider shows believers how to develop a listening relationship with the Lord.

Speak Lord, I’m Listening explores the multiple ways Christians can hear the voice of God in today’s world. It offers real-life examples-not theory-of how God teaches His followers to listen, with tips in each chapter for distinguishing His voice from the noise of Satan’s interference. Christians across the denominational spectrum will develop a closer and deeper relationship with God as they learn 50 unique ways to listen to Him. You will realize that God was speaking to you all along but, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, you didn’t know it was Him!

  • Brings together the 50 unique ways Christians in various cultures and denominations hear God’s voice.
  • Story-driven examples with proven, practical tips in each chapter
  • Real-life wisdom for distinguishing God’s voice from Satan’s interference
  • Easy-to-use teaching tool for pastors and small-group leaders

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What others are saying:

One of the questions most asked when releasing people into their destiny is “How do I know it is God’s will?” This book will broaden for readers their perception of how God speaks and therefore enable them to be more confident in hearing. This is a timely book as God is stirring the hearts of a new generation.  —Tony Fitzgerald, Apostolic Team leader for Church of the Nations, Virginia

It is wonderful to recommend this book by Larry Kreider, a leader with great integrity. Speak Lord, I’m Listening is a comprehensive guide to hearing, yet not lengthy. As with so much that Larry does, it is amazingly biblically balanced.— Dr. Daniel Juster, Director Tikkun International, Jerusalem, Israel

Larry Kreider has blessed mankind with great insight on the variable ways God communicates His thoughts to mortal man on Earth. Every successful life and activity in the Bible was based on accurately hearing and obeying the directive voice of the Lord. This book contains the key to success for every person. All Christians will increase their relationship with God by understanding the different ways that God communicates with mankind. This is one of the greatest books ever written on recognizing the voice of God through the many methods God uses. Thanks, Larry, for sharing this valuable knowledge you gained through much Bible studies, revelation knowledge and life experiences. —Dr. Bill Hamon, Apostle/Founder/Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network, Florida

This is one of the most refreshing books I have read in a long time.  Larry goes back to the basics concerning how to hear the voice of God. He does it with such thoroughness, coupled with simplicity and clarity; yet there is a profound touch of God on his writing. I want to use this book particularly with our younger believers who are learning to hear and follow God’s voice. But I also want my pastors to read it; it is a great refresher course.  —Barbara J Yoder, Author and Senior Pastor of Shekinah Christian Church, Michigan

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