Hearing God 30 Different Ways

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The Lord speaks to us in ways we often miss. He has many ways of speaking, including through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, spiritual gifts, common sense wisdom, conviction, His character, His peace, natural things, and even in times of silence. Discover how God’s voice becomes familiar to you as you develop a loving relationship with Him.

Take the next 30 days, reading a chapter each day, to explore 30 of the many ways God speaks. Expect to be surprised! Read through it with your small group or congregation! Each chapter has discussion questions.

Audio book and Teaching Outlines available!

One of the greatest books ever written on recognizing the voice of GodDr. Bill Hamon, Christian International Ministries Network, Florida

Hearing God is a comprehensive guide to hearing…it is amazingly biblicalDr. Daniel Juster, Tikkun International, Maryland

It’s a powerful presentation of the important insights often missed by others.  Dr. Ralph Neighbor, Touch Ministries, Texas

For everyone who yearns for real-life answers to the quest to hear God’s voice; you are holding them in your hand.  Robert Stearns, Eagles Wings, New York

I know of no other book that zeros in on so many specific ways that God speaksJoel Comiskey, Ph.D., author, California.

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