Elders Training and Church Leadership Manual

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New Testament principles for equipping leadership teams

Designed to be used alongside the Elders and Church Leaders Group Training on DVD, or to accompany the Elders Training Seminar that covers much of the material from the book The Biblical Role of Elders in Today’s Church.

Each of the twelve sessions contains a presentation by Larry Kreider, Ron Myer, Steve Prokopchak or Brian Sauder. Questions at the end of session in the participant’s manual are excellent for group discussion and interaction

Seminar use: While attending a live seminar, the participant’s manual, with its concise notes, helps you to follow along each session easily with room for note-taking.

Books by Ron Myer
Fivefold Ministry Made Practical
Biblical Role of Elders for Today’s Church

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Books by Brian Sauder
A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life
Biblical Role of Elders for Today’s Church
Helping You Build Cell Churches
Youth Cells and Youth Ministry

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Books by Larry Kreider
Biblical Foundation Series
Building Your Personal House of Prayer
21 Tests of Effective Leadership
House To House
What Every Small Group Leader Should Know
Speak Lord, I’m Listening
Hearing God 30 Different Ways
The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers
The 3 Loves
Helping You Build Cell Churches
Biblical Role of Elders for Today’s Church
Growing the Fruit of the Spirit
Return To Authentic Christianity
Starting a House Church
Supernatural Living
When God Seems Silent

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Books and Resources by Steve Prokopchak
The Value of a Sabbatical
Called Together Pre-and post-marital
Mentoring Workbook

In Pursuit of Obedience
The Biblical Role of Elders in Today’s Church
Evaluation Tools
Counseling Basics

People Helping People Series
Be Angry and Sin Not
Recognizing Emotional Dependency
Thinking Right in a World that Thinks Wrong
Resolving Conflicts in Marriage

Who I Am In Christ
Praying for My Spouse
Praying for My Children
Maggie’s Self-esteem

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