Discovering the Basic Truths of Christianity

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Biblical Foundations for Your Life Book 1

Discover the depth and reality of God’s amazing love! God loved the people of the world so much that He gave up His one and only Son  (John 3:16 PEB). Christianity should be the most exciting adventure of your life! Your world comes alive with possibilities as you discover the true desire of God. Each page is more exciting than the previous. You will learn the secrets and eternal truths of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

Discovering the Basic Truths of Christianity covers the major biblical tenets including faith, baptism, knowing Jesus as Savior, forgiveness, repentance from sin, the resurrection, and many others. Laying a solid foundation with contemporary examples brings focus to the timelessness and practicality of the Word of God.

This easy-to-read and easy-to-understand two-book series in basic Christian doctrine can be used in a variety of ways including as a:

  • Personal daily devotional
  • Tool for mentoring relationships
  • Small-group study
  • Biblical foundation course for Sunday school classes

For more than 35 years Larry Kreider has been sharing the down-to-earth reality of Christ. Filled with hundreds of real-life stories spanning the globe, denominations and cultures, you will be amazed at how real God actually is.  Includes these six parts:

  1. Knowing Jesus Christ as Lord
  2. The New Way of Living
  3. New Testament Baptisms
  4. Building for Eternity
  5. Living in the grace of God
  6. Freedom from the Curse

This book is part one in the series Biblical Foundations for Your Life. The second book is entitled Building Your Life on the Basic Truths of Christianity.

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This series is similar to the popular Biblical Foundation Series
Coordinating books available in Spanish


What others are saying

Larry Kreider’s passion for the Church that Jesus is building is multi-dimensioned. Clearly, as this book indicates, besides being an igniter of evangelism and an initiator of church planting, Pastor Kreider is a leader who instills life-transforming truth in new believers, establish true disciples for the ongoing growth of God’s Kingdom, while resourcing the healthy development of the growing Christian’s life and witness.—Dr. Jack W. Hayford, President, International Foursquare Churches, Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

Too often in our churches we neglect the basics. That’s why we seem to have such a large mummer of born-again believers who are dysfunctional. I am elated that Larry Kreider is forcefully brining us back to the basics in Discovering the Basic Truths of Christianity and its sequel, Building Your Life on the Basic Truths of Christianity. These two books will cause you to understand what you really believe and how it works out in real life. Larry has provided a wonderful new treasure for the body of Christ!C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leader

Read Larry’s blog here

Read Larry’s blog here

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