Cell Groups and House Churches

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Foreword By Larry Kreider

Are small groups new? This book provides a historical backdrop to much of what is happening in cell groups and house churches today. It points us to valuable lessons which the modern church can learn from history.

Examine how cell groups and house churches developed in the centuries since the Reformation. Explore the writings and practices of the Reformers such as Luther and Bucer, as well as the Pietists, Moravians, Methodists and others. These writings show clearly that when God moves in restoring His church, there is a renewal of small groups to aid discipleship and growth into holiness, often resulting in a greater concern for reaching the lost.

So, all this excitement about cells is not new! How helpful to have the thoughts of Martin Luther, John Wesley and others on the subject. Peter Bunton’s book is both accessible and credible. Can we learn from history? Surely we can, and Peter is helping us to do so. – C. Lynn Green, Vice-President, YWAM International

This much needed book shows that what is seen today as the Cell Church movement is not some brand new idea. I am very excited about this historical perspective, it will enrich and encourage you. – Laurence Singlehurst, Director YWAM England and Director, Cell UK Ministries

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