Building Your Life on the Basic Truths of Christianity

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Biblical Foundations for Your Life Book 2

Packed full of Bible truths that will nourish newborn and mature Christians alike. Welcome a victorious life as you read this book – filled with wisdom, foundational biblical principles and keen insight. This book will help you:

  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Learn how to relate to and serve others in the church
  • Manage money purposefully
  • Reach out to others as you build on the foundation
  • Of Jesus Christ and His Word

The reflection questions provide a framework for more in-depth study and encourage personal growth. The foundational truths from the Word of God are presented with modern-day stories that help you easily understand the basics of Christianity. Most of the struggles and problems Christians face can be conquered by knowing and living the basic foundations of Christianity. Includes these six parts:

  1. Learning to Fellowship with God
  2. What is the Church?
  3. Authority and Accountably
  4. God’s Perspective on Finances
  5. Called to Minister
  6. The Great Commission

This book is part two in the series Biblical Foundations for Your Life. The first book is entitled Discovering the Basic Truths of Christianity.

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This series is similar to the popular Biblical Foundation Series
Coordinating books available in Spanish

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Read Larry’s blog here

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